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There is a woman who is married, and her husband doesn’t want to divorce her even if she falls in love with many other men, one after the other.

I am watching a reality show (The Convent, by BBC, its great, but that’s not the point.) I got acquainted with this woman there, and got to hear a few words from her husband too.

Infact her current lover is staying with them, so she is in a polygamous relationship. Her husband loves her anyway.

And I think it’s beautiful. (As conjugal love goes, there is of course the love of God and our fellow human and all creation that I adore more, we’ll talk about that another time. )

It’s beautiful! Women have always loved men like that. Exclusive, deep, unfailing, one-pointed. No matter if he has a mistress, a whore, a second wife, a tenth wife. We women love our man anyway.
To see a man love like that! That is beautiful.

And I realize, that while no one should have to live with the love of one’s life loving another, and everyone has the right to his or her partners exclusive love, true love is not ownership. True love loves even when the beloved loves another. Unless you love like that, you don’t truly love.

Thereby not saying that it isn’t a struggle to love the one who loves another. Ofcourse it’s the worst thing in the world. But true love forgives and loves on anyway. Because it can do nothing else. To stop loving is not an option.

Don’t get me wrong, I definitely don’t support polygami, adultery or fornification, this is to show what true love is, being loved truly isn’t a license to take advantage and hurt the one who loves you by expecting them to continue loving and forgiving you while you’re fooling around.
To hell with only women loving men who go to other women. For centuries and even today, women have and are expected to love and love and love. No matter what. Love fathers and brothers and uncles and sons and presidents and and and… And being blamed, called selfish, intolerant, superficial, when her love finaly dies from abuse, starvation, suffocation or a broken heart.

Now Men, its your turn! I challenge you, if you would love your woman even if she goes to another man, then you are worthy of her exclusive attention and undying affection. Otherwise not.

Because that is how we have always loved you. For centuries.