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14 friends and 2 teachers from school and I am on a pilgrimage in Israel learning about the land’s modern and ancient history and visiting the places. I will try to update with a post every day.

Again I woke up early set on attending sunrise… another hour between 6 and 7 with not so peace and quiet since some chineselike folks were taking pics of themselves before the lake and were somewhat shouty. Wonderful anyhow.

Time to leave the Sea of Galilee and I dont want to go!! Jesus spent so much of his time here. I want to too!

Climbing the steep hills behind Tiberias we get a breathtaking view of the lake and sorrounding mountains.

Highland fields vibrant with pink, violet and yellow flowers.

Cana. A modern almost only Arabic town. Where Jesus did His first recorded miracle. In the church built on the spot we find a tripple wedding going on. They look east asian. Apparently this is a popular wedding-church, especially on thursdays when it is calculated that the NT wedding took place.

Nazareth. A bustling and rather large town on many hills. We walk around the Basilika of the annunciation and marvel at paintings and mosaiks of Mother Mary from many countries of the world. My personal favorite was the one from Thailand I think. The Basilika is from the sixties and not very inspiring to contemplation. Next door is the church of Saint Joseph where the holy families house is said to have been.
While on a walk through the nearby bazar we find the Synagogue Church. And Ortodox church situated where the Synagogue is said to have been 2000 years ago.
A walk away we visit Saint Mary’s well. A very special place where I would have liked to spend some time.

On to Ceasarea. We enter through a crusaders church and approach the mideterenian ocean walking over age old stones. The others go on through the ruins to see an amphiteater but I settle down on the beach (slight headache) with a ripe red pomegranate (in season now), my Bible open on Acts 10. It was here that the Holy Spirit first came upon heatens / Cornelius and his family. I watch the waves in the sea crashing against the stones and the shells on the beach and pray to the Holy Spirit.

On to Jerusalem. We sing the psalm \Se vi går upp till Jerusalem\ and decide to read the gospel for palmsunday with Jesus entering Jerusalem when we arrive. Tecnically we roll up, not walk as in the song. Traffic combustion on the steep highway the last 20 km or so. I take up an old habit of praying for the passengers in the other cars, and try to sort out all impressions until now. My seatneigbour and I sing some songs from 1st advent and some others join in. \Hosianna Davids son\ and \Bered en vag for Herran\…

Still amazed at how green it is everywhere.

Jerusalem suprised me. Had a picture in my head that it is flat on a high plateau. But it is built on hilltops with deep green valleys inbetween. It levels out though, as we approach the city centre.

STI, The Swedish Teoligical Institute, where we will be spending the nights the rest of our time here, is a beautiful old house. My room is next to my favorite teacher (Thank You, Jesus, for arranging to make me feel safe) and is like a chapel / with arched ceiling. Bit cold but very cozy still.

Pics on the way still… sorry