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The following is the Abstract of the paper I have worked on this spring for my Degree of Bachelor of Theology. In the link below you can read the entire paper in Swedish.

Title: “Detta skall ni ha att äta” – Köttätande och vegetarianism utifrån 1 Mosebok 1-3 och 6-9 samt Jesaja 11:4-9 i litterär-kritiskt och receptionshistoriskt perspektiv.

Author: Sunniva Rettinger

An essay in exegetical theology on meat-eating and vegetarianism based on a literary-analysis and the reception-history of Gen 1-3; 6-9 and Is 11:4-9.

For thousands of years, people have considered meat-eating as an integral part of human life. But throughout history, as far as we know it from the Bible and Judaism and Christianity, its validity has been discussed due to the problematic nature inherent in the killing of sentient beings created by God. This essay analyzes some of the key-verses in Genesis and Isaiah that may have a different approach to meat-eating than is often thought. The conclusion is that vegetarianism is a legitimate, and even preferable, lifestyle for Jews and Christians and in line with God’s plan for humanity according to the Bible.

Keywords: Bible, creation, Christianity, food, God, humanity, Jesus, Judaism, mankind, meat-eating, vegetarianism.

I thank our dear Lord for calling me to, and letting me, write this paper and hope that it will be a useful tool for Him to use in His Kingdom. I could not have done it if it wasn’t for Him. And I thank my teacher James, my dear mother, and my friends at Vildåsnan and Kristina and Rickard for all their invaluable support and help.

“Detta skall ni ha att äta” read it by clicking: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B62AOUq8nHQYTHEzbHFkRDFGSXc/edit?usp=sharing

And feel free to pass it on to all your friends and enemies 😉

May God’s mercy and love shine on all creation / suri