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One of my exceptions: a reblog of a great post from a great blog…

Jesus Doesn’t Ask For Volunteers

Visit http://calltoprayerministriesblog.org/2013/11/25/jesus-doesnt-ask-for-volunteers/

Some appetizers:

“The first thing we have to remember about the disciples is that they did not volunteer. They didn’t ask to be Apostles, nor were they simply in the right place at the right time.”

“Why is this doctrine important?  Because sometimes we think – even after meeting Jesus and getting saved – that we need to clean ourselves up before we can come to God. The thinking is that we are too broken, too sinful, too uncoordinated, too ordinary, too dirty to come before God, even to ask forgiveness. Some people say that they can’t come to God because of the things they’ve done. They think they have to tidy up their lives to make themselves worthy of His grace. But that’s the thing… you can’t be worthy of grace!”

Enjoy the ride!