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Living Cross

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The thought behind the Living Cross is that it represents

the Tree of Life that gives eternal life to whoever eats its fruits.

Eating the fruits of the cross is believing in our Crucified Saviour.

Thus Jesus Christ gives us eternal life.

This week I have had two encounters with the Living Cross. The first during a lecture with Christina Grenholm about Living Theology (she is a minister who works at Church of Sweden’s head office and is the mother of one of my dear friends, Micael). The second was when another friend, Elisabeth (daughter of late Bishop emeritus Bertil Gärtner) held a morning-prayer-meeting at school about the Tree of Life as it is spoken of in Armenia, i.e. the cross.

Coincidentally, I drew a sketch of a living cross during the lecture, quite unaware that it was a symbol. So when I heard Elisabeth I decided to make something more of my margin-sketch. The result is rather different from my initial sketch; I think I need to make another one someday, a less melancholy one with more green leaves…

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