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I would like to share with you this song about our Lord and a video about being called to be an apostle. I feel abit like John (the first) and Simon (the last) looks in this video, though I am not exactly called to be a apostle, but a minister (which is basically similar). Oh, how I wish I was there to see this in real life!!!

The Nazarene by Micheal Card

The Nazarene came down
To live the life of every man
And He felt the fascination of the stars
And as He wandered through this weary world
He wondered and He wept
For there were so few who’d listen to his call

He came, He saw, He surrendered all
So that we might be born again
And the fact of His humanity
Was there for all to see
For He was unlike any other man
And yet so much like me

The Nazarene could hunger
And the Nazarene could cry
And He could laugh
With all the fullness of his heart
And those who hardly knew Him
And those who knew Him well
Could feel the contradiction from the start