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I begin writing this because tomorrow I will have my first meeting with Uppsala diocese’s minister-recruiter. I am trying to be pepared by imagining the questions that will be asked, with some help from those of my classmates who have gone through the process already. I will probably continue it as a series (but not very often as I don’t like writing about myself much).

Why I want to be a minister

My main source of inspiration is Saint Francis’ prayer “Lord, make me an instrument of your peace”. I wish to be an instrument bringing God’s peace, love, pardon, faith, joy, to all people.

The first reason why I want to be a minister is personal and a bit selfish: I wish to dedicate my whole life, full-time, to God directly. Of course there are many ways to do this, but being a minister is the way I am given and the one I choose to follow.

Secondly: In church life I find myself attracted to the sacraments and the liturgy of the Church of Sweden. Some of the best things I have done the last year are assisting ministers give out our Lord’s Supper, writing sermons and reading intersessions at the service.

Thirdly: I feel a pull towards reaching out to and being at the side of those who walk alone on their life’s path: patients alone in hospital beads, widows alone in their apartments, children alone in broken families, mothers alone with their children, people alone after their loved ones’ deaths, refugee-children alone in a new country. I want to let them know that they are never alone or unseen, God sees us all.

Lord, let me be a wee bird eating grains from your hand, singing Your glories to the world.