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This spring I wrote an essay that marked the end of my second year of university/college studies in theology, which enables one to take a degree that in Sweden is called Högskoleexamen, something like Foundation degree or Associate’s degree. Since I am continuing my studies I am not taking any degree right now.

Writing an essay was real fun. The best part was the actual writing and I am already looking forward to the essay of the next level, Bachelor, next spring. At that time I will have to take a degree to continue my studies.

Unfortunately for those of you who do not read Swedish the essay is not in English, but what follows is the abstract to give you a taste of it. You may read the entire essay in Swedish through this link.

Johannelunds Theological College, B-essay, Spring term 2013
Abstract of “Imago Dei – går det att definiera?” “Imago Dei – Can it be difined?” An essay in Systematic Theology on the human being as imago Dei, God’s image.

The Bible tells us that man is created in God’s image and likeness. Can we define specifically where or in what God’s image and likeness lies in a human? Many theologians and thinkers have tried. A variety of definitions have come up, and I have in this essay tried to give them all equal space according to their arguments. They range from the different substantialist’s approach that the body, the soul, the spirit or all of them together or separate is God’s image, through intelligence as the image, to a variety of functional image-definitions: humans as God’s representative, social beings and creators. There is also the pluralist view that God’s image is projected over the entire humanity.  My sources have been books and more books. All the while, my thought has been that their definitions are too narrow and have therefore, at the end of the essay, presented an alternative definition that takes into account and, I feel, gives justice to all of the previous ones.
Keywords: creation, imago Dei, God, man, humanity, human constitution, human functionality, Jesus, Christianity