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Weekends are the most hectic days for ministers and pastors. And so it has been for me this weekend. I have attended two Alpha-courses and a Elvis gospel concert, celebrated Holy Mass, had a meeting about intercession and spent the evening at Daniel’s place with some friends our age.

For the first time I assisted during communion and distributed Lord Jesus’ blood in wine (de-alcoholised) to half the church. It was really nice standing behind the row of knee-fall benches next to the altar. It felt like I belonged there of sorts. By the altar, in the sacrament. It’s what I always dreamed of. I pray I will never forget that and start being a minister on routine only.

Apart from practicing to distribute communion the weekend’s learning experience is (partly) that:

There’s a lot more to a Sunday service than meets the eye of a visitor. There are decisions on who does what, which songs to choose (and practice on them),  what sermon to write. And those taking care of the children need to know what to do, the youths need to be shown their parts, the prayer-group needs education in respectful intercession and the church-wardens need to think about and practice reading the texts and prayers. And just before the sound system and projector needs to be checked, candles lit, song numbers posted, bread and wine arranged in polished chalices and plates. And of course, someone must fix Kyrkkaffe (church coffee) 😉 . I do think there’s more, like ironing and stuff…

Elvis Presley sang Gospel when he could choose for himself, and his favourite was one of mine:

Though I prefer these versions better, sorry Elvis: