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Nothing much happened today. So I was kind of wondering what I am doing here. Couldn’t I have just sat around at my neighbouring church at home and learnt as much? It’s not that I am complaining, just… Anyway, the minister said some nice stuff at the evening lecture that I can hold on to.

So today’s learning experience:

When a minister is a leader of a study group, folks don’t study, they just ask him/her for the answers.

When the church’s employees do all the work and the congregation just sit around and watch, it is like when 20 or so people in desperate need of rest run around after a ball on a football-arena with thousands of people in desperate need of exercise sitting around watching.

Hm, not so bad for one day after all… And to round it up I watched the last two episodes of Touched by an Angel and it was a REAL pick me up.

HIS peace be upon us!