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Today was an intense day.

An old friend from school, Daniel who is a pastor here now, came just after my breakfast and invited me down to a chat. Then I spent some time with another minister, Sofia, and a group of mom’s and their babies. It was inspiring to see a minister actually working with children. I feel torn between ministry and working with children, ha, one can do both! At lunch I listened to Daniel trying, without much success,  to convince a Buddhist (who incidentally was a vegetarian 🙂 ) that the goal of Christianity, living eternally with God,  is more personal than nirvana, merging into everything. The guy seemed unwilling to think about it and held his belief that it was basically the same thing. After lunch there was a worship-song session. Not something I am used to, but nice in its simplicity all the same (but I still like Taizé better). The evening was devoted to a course called Alpha, we listened to the minister (Lars) explain the nature/actions of the Holy Spirit.

Feels like I have been here for a long time.

What I learnt today:

Many projects can’t be run by one minister alone, one needs a dedicated team to see them through.

A city church can choose a profile, if people don’t like it they can go to another nearby church.

People come into church-life through many different venues. Crossovers from worldly to spiritual can happen through visiting a youth-party, cheap healthy lunches and Elvis-style gospel-concerts.

May we be blessed by God’s peace and happiness!