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Today I arrived at S:t Angar’s Church in Linköping for a week and a half of theory in practice. I should have arrived a few days ago but I wouldn’t leave my mother alone at home with bad back-pain.

As I stood waiting at the bus-stop for the minister to pick me up I saw a car window with a white priests-collar and knew: That’s my ride… 🙂 I have been very warmly received and settled. I think I have some intense and educating days ahead of me.

This evening we celebrated my favourite type of mass: Taizé. Beautiful songs and my fourth communion. Nice! (Next week I may lead it, not the actual communion of course, but the rest)

Today’s learning-experience: They have a blank book with a pen next to it where visitors may write an anonymous prayer which the minister read during prayer time at mass. It was wonderful!

Nothing much else happened tonight. I will try to write something everyday, like a diary of sorts. So see you!

His Peace be upon us!


Prayer book ready for your messages to God…