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For the last few days I have wondered if I should do (or undo) something special for lent. My classmates spoke of the traditional no-animal-products-fast but I do that all year around (well almost, I do take some milk products). Other suggestions were coffee-fast (already doing that too), Facebook-fast (don’t have that), gaming-fast (no use either). Sweet-fasting could be something, but my sugar consumption is most of the time at the minimum of what is healthy anyway. Breakfast-fast is another option, but how am I supposed to study without food?

So what should I do?

I am thinking something along the lines of “what would have an effect on me?” I wonder, will I be more ready to welcome Christ into my heart this Easter if I skip breakfast for forty days? Does eating moderate healthy food make me less open for the revelations of the Holy Spirit? I think not, at least not if I only think about how weak and feeble I feel.

On the other hand, as the minister at Ansgarsgården put it last Sunday, every prophet was sent out in the desert to receive revelations. They din’t get it at their cities main street.

So I have decided to movie-fast. I usually watch a few films a week. Good, uplifting, deeply inspiring movies, most of them Christian, yes, but still something outside myself. It will be hard, it is the most difficult fast I could have chosen. After a long day of school and church-work I’m too tired to do anything more for the few hours left until bedtime, or at times when I am uninspired or frustrated a movie for supper helps me get back on my feet. Movies gives new perspectives, renews faith, inspires to action.

But not for the next forty days.

Now I will light a candle and read, paint, sew or photoshop. And if I am too tired I‘ll just have to go early to bed and early to rise (and thus be healthy, wealthy and wise). Anyhow I will live more with myself, inside, going deeper. And hopefully find the rhythm of our Saviours steps, hear the sound of His voice, calling us forward on The Way.

I pray for the strength to be steadfast. Even as I write this I feel the storm gathering. Lord, be with me!